General Specifications

The LED armature, which emits wide-angle light, specially designed for vehicle interior lighting, offers ergonomic use in narrow spaces with its thin structure. The armature, whose light source consists of a 3-chip LED, has high resistance to UV and impacts with its fresnel polycarbonate cover that provides homogeneous distribution of light. Thanks to its aluminum body, where heat distribution is provided, it can be used for many years without deformation in vehicle vibrations and vibrations.

Day-Night Mode

ALF-1308 LED Armature, which aims to provide effective lighting inside the vehicle, offers functional use with its high-intensity white-colored lights for daytime use, and low-intensity blue or red-colored lights for night use or use in a mode that will not disturb the eyes.

Current and Voltage Control

ALF-1308 LED Armature can control current and voltage with the control circuit placed in it and there is no change in light intensity during vehicle voltage changes.

General Specifications

  • 3-chip high-impact LED light source
  • White mode daytime lights, optional blue or red mode night lights
  • UV and Impact resistant polycarbonate cover
  • Aluminum body
  • Current and voltage control
  • 12 or 24 VDC Operating Voltage
  • 72 LEDs (for 103cm standard length)

Color Options

  • Light source: White in standard production, blue and red LEDs for optional night mode
  • Plastic parts: Colorless transparent

Size Options

  • Length:  33 cm, 61 cm, 103 cm can be made in various lengths upon request)
  • Width: 11 cm
  • Height : 2 cm