A breathalyzer is a device that attempts to detect the amount or percentage of alcohol in a person's breath. It is classified as a medical device.

In our country, the breathalyzer limit is set at 0.5 promille, equivalent to half a gram of alcohol per liter of blood. Commercial vehicle drivers and public service workers are completely prohibited from entering traffic under the influence of alcohol.

Breathalyzer Device

These devices are generally produced in two different ways: with a cell detector and with infrared technology. They measure the concentration of alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or alcohol in foods in the blood. The devices are mostly known to the public through police operations.

Single-touch devices can automatically turn themselves off. The part where the breath is blown is replaceable. Most devices operate with 2 AAA batteries. There are also devices made with glass in electronic devices. Alcohol is not a product that can provide nutritional value as a result of digestion. It is not easily digested in the body.

Due to its volatile nature, alcohol mixes with the blood and circulatory system. It reaches the lungs and settles in the tiny air sacs there. The devices are available for purchase and use by everyone, not just law enforcement.

Various types of alcohol and alcoholic beverages like wine contain alcohol, as do some foods. For example, citrus fruits like grapefruit and lemon contain certain amounts of alcohol. So even with normal nutrition, alcohol enters the body. However, these amounts are quite low compared to alcoholic beverages and generally do not cause problems for breathalyzers.

Breathalyzer Prices

There is a wide range of products with different features and many devices available. Prices vary according to these features. It is possible to find devices for 80 TL as well as products for 1000 TL in the market. As Armas Elektronik, we manufacture three different measuring device models:

  1. NAM-07
  2. NAM-17
  3. NAM-17K

When we look at the common features of the products, we can prioritize accurate and reliable results with electrochemical sensor technology. In automatic measurement settings, measurements are taken in individuals who can blow enough breath. In manual and passive measurement modes, measurements are made on individuals who cannot blow enough breath, such as unconscious or sick people.

The menus are user-friendly. Thanks to its high-capacity memory, long-term data is also recorded. You can contact us for more detailed information about our devices or to submit your purchase requests.

How Does a Breathalyzer Work?

The principle of how the devices work is to measure a person's alcohol tolerance through deep breaths. The data obtained with the device, which measures in milligrams, is classified in promille.

What is the penalty for refusing a breathalyzer test? When law enforcement deems it necessary, drivers must blow into the alcohol measuring device. Otherwise, a penalty is imposed according to the relevant Highway Traffic Act article. In addition, a certain amount is deducted from the driver's license points.

A driver who receives two penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol may have their license confiscated. To avoid such penalties, it is necessary to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol. Also, the breathalyzer should be used, and no difficulties should be presented to the staff on duty.

Breathalyzer devices are sensitive to ethanol. They cannot perform the same function for different substances such as oxygen or carbon dioxide. The main ingredients that make up alcohol are carbon and oxygen. The chemicals inside form the ethanol component. Thus, the device only measures the ethanol ratio and reflects the alcohol level.

Breathalyzer devices generally have a digital design and are equipped with an LCD display. The device can easily determine the alcohol level in the blood after the measurement. This process takes less than a minute and usually finishes within seconds.

Where Can I Buy a Breathalyzer?

Devices that measure alcohol from breath have a widespread usage area. Individuals can use them to test themselves or try the device after different consumptions. Different models can bring different functions as well. For example, stick-designed products not only measure alcohol but can also show sugar levels.

The devices are generally lightweight. They can be easily carried in the car or bags. The alcohol level in the blood is the same as in the lungs. Therefore, the products are developed with confidence in this information. Digital alcohol measuring devices emit a beep when the blowing time is up. This indicates that there is no need to blow anymore.

When blowing into the device, the product heats up within a certain time, weighs the air inside, and then reflects it on the digital screen. Alcohol measuring devices can be found in various shopping malls, online stores, pharmacies, or medical supply stores (medicals).

As inspections with alcohol measuring devices increase, it is noticeable that users are researching topics such as alcohol content in rakı and alcohol content in wine. The best solution is not to drive under the influence of alcohol. However, the alcohol content of these drinks varies depending on the brand or series of the product. Generally, the ratio is 45% for rakı and 12% for wine.