Breathalyzer is a device that attempts to detect the amount or concentration of alcohol in a person's breath.
Breathalyzers generally operate based on a specific legal limit. For example, many countries have laws that prohibit exceeding a certain alcohol level while driving. Breathalyzers are important tools for enforcing and monitoring such legal limits.

Breathalyzer Device

These devices are devices that work by analyzing breath to measure a person's alcohol level. They are usually portable and easy to use, so they are commonly used at traffic checkpoints and security checks.
The basic principles and features of breathalyzers:

Electrochemical Sensors or Infrared Technology

  • Breathalyzers typically use electrochemical sensors or infrared technology.
  • Electrochemical sensors use an electrochemical reaction to detect alcohol molecules in the breath. When these molecules interact with alcohol, they measure an electrical change.
  • Infrared technology, on the other hand, uses the absorption of a specific light frequency by alcohol molecules. While alcohol molecules absorb this frequency, the device detects this change and calculates the alcohol level.
Breath Sample Collection and Analysis
  • The user breathes directly into the sensor on the device.
  • The alcohol in the breath is detected by the sensors, and this information is transmitted to a microprocessor inside the device.
  • The microprocessor measures the alcohol level and typically expresses it as a value in promiles. This promile value indicates that a person contains alcohol at one thousandth of the rate.
Reading and Displaying Results
  • Breathalyzers typically provide rapid results and immediately inform the user of their alcohol level.
  • The results are usually displayed on the device's screen or an indicator light.
Portability and Ease of Use
  • Breathalyzers are usually portable and lightweight, making them suitable for use in various environments.
  • They are generally easy to use, allowing police, security personnel, and other authorities to use them quickly and effectively.

Breathalyzer Prices

This product range is quite wide, and there are many devices with different features. Consequently, prices vary according to these features. As Armas Electronics, we manufacture professional breathalyzers, personal measurement breathalyzers, vehicle breathalyzers, station, and wall-mounted breathalyzer categories. Some of the breathalyzer models we produce include:
  1. NAM-07 Evidence Class Breathalyzer
  2. NAM-19 Evidence Class Breathalyzer
  3. NAM-19S Evidence Class Breathalyzer
  4. NAM-19E Personal Measurement Breathalyzer

When we look at the common features of the products, we can prioritize accurate and reliable results with electrochemical sensor technology. Measurements are taken in automatic measurement settings for individuals who can blow sufficient breath. In manual and passive measurement modes, measurements are taken for unconscious or sick individuals who cannot blow sufficient breath.
Menus are user-friendly. With its high-capacity memory, long-term data is also recorded. You can contact us for more detailed information about our devices or to submit purchase requests.

How Does a Breathalyzer Work?

The principle of operation of the devices is aimed at measuring a person's alcohol tolerance with deep breaths. The data obtained with devices that measure in milligrams is classified in promiles.

What is the breathalyzer refusal penalty? If deemed necessary by law enforcement, drivers must blow into the alcohol measurement device. Otherwise, there is a penalty according to the relevant Highway Traffic Law article. Moreover, a certain amount of points is deducted from the driver's license. A driver who receives penalties for drunk driving twice may have their license confiscated. To avoid such penalties, one should refrain from drunk driving. Additionally, one should blow into the breathalyzer and not cause difficulties for the authorized personnel.

Where to Buy a Breathalyzer?

Breath-measuring devices have a wide range of uses. Individuals can use them to test themselves or to test the device after different consumptions. Different models may come with different functions.
Devices are generally lightweight. They can be easily carried in vehicles or bags. Digital breathalyzer devices emit a beep when the blowing time is complete. This indicates that blowing is no longer necessary.
When blown into the device, the product heats up and measures the air inside it within a certain time, and then reflects it on the digital screen. Breathalyzers can be purchased from various shopping centers, online stores, pharmacies, or directly from manufacturers. Before making a purchase, it is important to select a breathalyzer model that suits your needs and examine the product features.