Warning Lights

Warning lights can come in different types and shapes. They are commonly used as a term for automobiles. For example, vehicle instrument panels are positioned inside the vehicle and consist of text, symbols, or signs that inform the driver.

In order to answer the question "What do warning lights mean?", it is necessary to first determine what type of warning light is being referred to. For example, a flashing yellow hazard warning light indicates that there is a malfunction in the vehicle or that there is a problem in traffic and that the vehicle is stopping.

Warning Lights and Their Meanings

If malfunction lights within the car indicator symbols are flashing, something may be wrong. These signals serve as a warning for you to take the necessary precautions. You may receive warnings related to safety and lighting, as well as general warnings. Some of these warnings include:

  • Engine malfunction
  • Automatic transmission malfunction
  • Seat belt warnings
  • Particulate filter problems

Unfortunately, the subject of malfunction lights and their meanings is unknown to many people. For example, temperature warning lights can be considered among engine malfunction indicators. It indicates that the engine temperature is above normal. The brake warning light, on the other hand, provides warnings about the handbrake. For example, it lights up when the handbrake is engaged while the vehicle is running and turns off when you release it.

If the light continues to flash even after you release the handbrake, this indicates that hydraulic pressure has been lost or the fluid level in the master cylinder has reached dangerous levels. The tire pressure warning light can be considered one of the most important vehicle warning indicators. It indicates that the pressure is low in at least one of the tires.

Vehicle Warning Light Meanings

The engine malfunction light is also known as the malfunction indicator light. This light can be orange or yellow, depending on the manufacturer. If the lights are constantly flashing, the problem may be more serious. In such cases, it might be time to visit an auto service.

Continuing with the car malfunction indicators, for example, the service malfunction warning light serves as a reminder that the road or mileage maintenance is approaching. If it keeps flashing, you need to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

Car indicators or car malfunction indicators can be communicated to the driver through the lights on the instrument panel. However, there are also lights mounted on the vehicle to warn other drivers and pedestrians. Their main purpose is to provide warnings for various situations with strong lights.

Car Warning Lights

Armas Electronics produces warning lights with different features. Our mini warning light products can be listed as follows:

  • MiniBug headlight warning light
  • MicroPulse – Shutter
  • MiniPulse – Shutter
  • MidiPulse – Shutter
  • MaxiPulse – Shutter
  • Pulse
  • Pulse – XL
  • Linear – Interior warning light
  • Linear-C – warning light

Our products generally have different flash types. They include a Fresnel lens that emits light. They are made of polycarbonate plastic material resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and impacts. LED colors are quite diverse, such as red, blue, amber, green, and white. For example, the Micro Pulse shutter warning light has three different LEDs. It is a product with a length of 100 mm, a width of 28 mm, and a height of 20 mm.

The shutter warning light is a surface mount type product. It is used with an external electronic circuit. In addition to different flash types, it has a lens that strongly emits light. A specially designed lens has been used to increase the light intensity.

  • Pulse warning light
  • Cylindrical warning lights in MCL, SCL, BCY, and Pulse-T models
  • Magnetic cylindrical and portable warning light
  • ALF series LED fixture (interior)
  • ALS-0911 – LED Spot (interior)
  • Single and double-sided intercom
  • Custom design warning light
  • Headlight warning light

We also have products that can be listed in this way.

Warning Lights Exclamation Mark

The topic of instrument panel symbols is directly related to vehicle warning lights and their meanings. For example, "What is the yellow warning light?" is frequently asked. The answer to this question depends on the vehicle's manufacturer, model, and which light is flashing in this color.

The exclamation mark, on the other hand, is more common in newer vehicle instrument panels as a warning format in the shape of an exclamation mark. It indicates that there has been a loss of pressure in any of the tires. This warning also helps to eliminate the need to constantly check tire pressure.

Returning to lights outside the panel, Armas Electronics recommends turning to quality and guaranteed products. All warning signs and lights are essential helpers for road safety, vehicle health, and comfortable driving.

You can contact us for the types of warning lights you need. You can examine our products through our website or send your questions to us.