Drug Testing Devices

Drug measurement / test devices can store data in their memory using the buttons on the devices. Many models of these devices can also transfer data to a computer environment thanks to the software they contain.

What are drug measurement / test devices? They are generally battery-powered and portable devices used in conjunction with a "drug test kit."

What Are Drug Measurement / Test Devices?

These devices are used for detecting drugs. Devices can perform highly accurate drug tests on samples such as saliva. The device and measurement technique may vary depending on the type of sample taken for the test.

Thanks to advancing technology, drug measurement / test devices are becoming more practical to use, similar to breathalyzers. During police checks, especially in roadside traffic stops and hospital procedures, a quick screening test can be performed to detect the presence of drugs. This is also known as a drug test.

Devices can detect many addictive substances (excluding alcohol) through fluid samples taken from a person's mouth. This allows the identification of dozens of different substances considered as drugs.

The mentioned devices consist of a detection kit, detection device, and auxiliary equipment. Armas Elektronik is the manufacturer of devices known as the gold standard in this field.

Examples of Drug Measurement / Test Devices

These devices have the capacity to perform tests on samples taken from oral fluids, have built-in memory, and use high technology. They may also have some optional additional features, such as a portable printer.

Printers can be transported to different areas thanks to a rechargeable battery. Drug measurement devices communicate with printers via Bluetooth and use the "direct thermal" method to print. They have an LED display showing various informational messages. Both the devices and the printers are easy to use.

Devices resemble a POS device in appearance. The aim is to provide high functionality with successful mobility. A standard drug measurement / test device may consist of the following components:

  • Computer connection (USB)
  • Optional memory card slot
  • Wrist strap
  • Navigation or browsing buttons
  • Test kit compartment
  • Alphanumeric keys
  • LCD graphic display

ARMAS Electronics

One of the significant users of products referred to as drug measurement, test, or detection devices are government institutions. Police and gendarmerie forces can perform inspections in certain periods and regions with these devices. Armas Elektronik products are also sold to various government agencies.

Our devices can detect up to 7 standard or optionally 9 different prohibited substances. Data entry is straightforward with the keypad on the devices. Much information, such as the driver's name and surname, ID number, and registration or ID number of the officer performing the measurement, can be stored in the device.

Our devices can scan and retrieve the stored data later. This data can be transferred to a computer environment via USB using the UTC-DATA software. It can record those who do not accept the measurement. It has a wide graphic display.

Our devices with Bluetooth connection can also directly print from a portable thermal printer. Other features of our drug detection devices can be listed as follows:

  • It has a rechargeable li-on battery, which can perform more than 100 measurements when fully charged.
  • It has built-in date-time knowledge, allowing records to be processed in real-time independently from the main battery.
  • It offers charging options in office and vehicle environments with 12DVC and 220VAC charging kits.
  • It has a CE certificate and is also EMC and LVD compliant.
  • The keypad has a backlight feature.

Drug Testing

How are drugs detected from saliva or saliva samples? First, an adequate sample is taken from the person's mouth. Then, this fluid is analyzed through a drug detection kit. Subsequently, the analyses are evaluated optically using UTC and the data is recorded. Thus, the system consists of:

  • Drug detection kit
  • UTC and
  • Auxiliary device equipment.

What does utc mean? The utc definition is a question of interest to users dealing with these devices. Utc is the abbreviation for the phrase drug detection device. The utc drug detection device uses high technology. With the help of the keypad on the device, it measures, stores the data of the person measured, and the measurement result in the device's memory for evidential purposes.

In addition, measurement results can be quickly documented with an optional portable thermal printer that can be provided with these devices.