Beacon Lightbars

Beacon lights usually installed in vehicles such as police, gendarmerie, ambulance, fire brigade, tow truck; They are light sources that make it easy to be noticed while driving in traffic. These lamps are available in many different models and light colors. Armas Elektronik has a beacon suitable for you, no matter what task your vehicle is doing.

Beacons basically act as a warning light. Lamps of different sizes and features are also suitable for customization. Options such as truck beacon or attractive beacon adapt to many vehicles. While traffic is flowing, some vehicles need to stand out and be noticed by other drivers. Tools do this because of their task or function.

Police Lights

Lamps that can be used by being placed on vehicle ceilings can also make warning sounds if desired. For example, a beacon used in police vehicles may have sound. So what does beacon mean? The main function of these lamps is to make vehicles noticed in traffic. Thus, they can perform their work more easily.

Vehicles such as

tractors or trucks may also have relevant lamps. These vehicles, which are usually affiliated with municipalities or different public institutions, take part in tasks such as fighting with snow. Even if the road condition is challenging, they can work with the necessary equipment. An example of this is Fog lamp.

Who can use the police beacon? These lamps have blue and red colors and can be used by the units responsible for maintaining traffic order and general security. These can be listed as police, gendarmerie and municipal police vehicles.

Gendarmerie Headlamps

What type or color of beacon lamps do the gendarmes use? In order to answer the question, it is necessary to mention the the color meanings of the headlamps. Devices also known as strobe light;

  • Helping to ensure the safety of teams
  • Warning other drivers in traffic
  • Lighting up
  • Forwarding drivers
It has some functions that we can sort as

. Some technologies such as halogen or led are used in emergency lights. Led beacon has found widespread use in many vehicles due to its low energy consumption, high level of brightness and instant flashing. The first factor to consider when choosing a beacon is light color.

  • Police, gendarmerie and constabulary: Blue and red
  • Fire trucks: Red
  • Towing vehicles: Yellow
  • Funeral vehicles: Green
  • Lifesaving tools: Blue and red or just blue
  • Civil defense services: Red

So what color are the headlights of the ambulances? These vehicles that carry the sick, injured or medical equipment use blue lamps. The number of LEDs and the light power they give are also indicators of how bright the beacon will be. If the angle of the light is narrow, the brightness can reach longer distances. However, if it is too narrow, it may disturb other drivers.

Beacons Regulation

The beacon needs electrical energy to operate. It provides this from the car's battery. The battery voltage can be 12 or 24 V. Lamps may also have corresponding model names. For example 12V beacon or chargeable beacon. Many manufacturers design their beacons to operate in the range of 9-28 V DC. Therefore, there is no compatibility problem in both types of vehicles.

The aforementioned lamps can be permanently fixed to the vehicles with the help of screws. In addition, temporary fixations can be made with methods such as magnets. Regardless of which model is preferred, the mounting location and usage method are generally the same. In the regulations regarding beacon lamps and vehicles with right of way, it is determined which vehicle will use what kind of lamp and under which conditions.

Is it illegal to wear yellow headlights? Only vehicles such as tractors can use this lamp during their duties. Lamps give vehicles a passing advantage. Therefore, it is normal to have some restrictions on their use.

Peak Fog Lamps

Options such as

rotating beacon or fog light can also be used depending on the task and the vehicle. The overhead fog lamp is ideal for foggy conditions. It can be recommended to be preferred on difficult and long roads. Rotating lamp options, firefighting, police or plainclothes vehicle with a right of way