Breath Alcohol Testers

ARMAS produces Alcoholmeter models serving in a wide range of sectors and has a wide product range and offers them to the worldwide markets. All our breathalyzers are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards such as DOT/NHTSA, EN, CE.

These measuring devices are especially designed for heavy use by law enforcement. Thanks to Evidence Alcoholmeters, police agencies can do their job more effectively and quickly.

In addition, personal use breathalyzer allows individual users to measure their alcohol levels accurately and quickly. These devices help people check their alcohol levels for their own safety.

Innovative products of ARMAS include Interlock Alcoholmeters that can control vehicle engines. These breathalyzers require drivers to check their alcohol levels before driving, thus increasing traffic safety.

ARMAS continues to meet the needs of various sectors with its wide alcoholmeter product range. All of our products are produced with an understanding based on high quality standards and customer satisfaction.