Beacon Lightbar

Lightbars can be preferred as just a light source according to the need, while there are also models that emit both sound and light at the same time.

Lightbars are a type of rotating lamp with different colors and models, mounted on the roofs of vehicles such as tractors, police, and fire trucks. They make it easier for vehicles on the road to be noticed.


Strobe lightbars also provide high-quality visibility as a type of upper lamp. In addition, these products can be in LED bar format. Who can use strobe lights? According to current information,

  • Vehicles with clear priority passage, such as ambulances and fire trucks, which are clearly identified by their markings, emblems, or paint schemes
  • Law enforcement vehicles with priority passage, such as police and gendarmerie
  • Vehicles belonging to institutions and organizations responsible for municipal police, disaster, search and rescue, road construction and maintenance
  • Snow, ice fighting and salting vehicles
  • Vehicles under the command of 29 high-ranking state officials, as set forth in specific regulations, and vehicles responsible for protecting these officials.

Strobe lights can be installed according to certain rules. Installing them other than the above-mentioned cases is subject to a penalty. For example, the use of tractor strobe lights is only possible if the vehicle meets certain conditions. For instance, a tractor belonging to an organization responsible for search, rescue, and road maintenance can have a strobe light installed during its mission.

Lightbars can be chosen among different models to cater to the user's needs. There are various types such as magnetic, car rotating roof, and flashlights. They are designed with color options like red, green, blue, and amber. They can emit light in various power and shapes around them.

Lightbar Regulation

Lightbars stand out with their ability to emit light even to long distances. The length of the bulbs can vary depending on the width of the vehicle they will be used on. They are generally between 110 cm and 145 cm. Mini lightbars are produced in the range of 30 - 70 cm.

The majority of these bulbs have glass designed to withstand the harmful effects of sunlight. The mechanism inside the lamps works by rotating. The relevant articles in the Highway Traffic Law contain information on which vehicles can install lightbars and have priority passage. Accordingly, vehicles with priority passage that can use the relevant light can be listed as follows:

  • Private or public vehicles used for the transport of injured and emergency patients and providing emergency aid to them (red-blue or blue light)
  • Fire trucks (red light)
  • Municipal police vehicles (red-blue or blue light)
  • Traffic service vehicles (blue-red or blue light)
  • Snow and ice fighting vehicles belonging to road construction and maintenance organizations (blue light)
  • Civil defense vehicles, only when needed (red light)
  • Vehicles protected by protection vehicles during the service period (blue light)

These vehicles can turn on their lights or use strobes when they are on duty or performing their tasks.

Lightbar Penalty

If the lights on the top of the vehicles are turned on improperly or unnecessarily, there is a penalty according to the relevant law or regulation. Penalty amounts are updated at certain intervals. These lights are used to take advantage of the priority passage provided by the law.

As of 2022, the penalty for unauthorized use of a strobe or roof bulb is 1823 TL. If you own vehicles mentioned in Article 71 of the Highway Traffic Law and Article 141 of the Highway Traffic Regulation and use the relevant lights during your duties, this procedure is appropriate. You will not receive any penalty. Warning lights can be turned on while providing public service.

Choosing a suitable model of light for the area of use and need is very important. For example, red-colored lightbars are a good option for cars, minibuses, or light commercial vehicles. For official vehicles such as ambulances, police, fire trucks, and tow trucks, LED lightbars or rotating roof bulbs are suitable options. Fog lights can also be preferred for off-road style cars that are generally used on long roads.

Lightbar Price

The prices of these lamps vary between models.

  • The power of the light emitted by lightbars
  • The status of control systems such as remote control
  • Bulb size
  • Various design features
  • Whether or not there is support for audible warning or LED bulbs

Factors that can be listed in this way are effective in the price point. The lens part through which light passes in these lamps offers very high visibility even in well-lit environments.

Products with sun-resistant and 12-volt rotating lamps are attracting great interest due to their affordable price options. In addition to lightbars, you can reach us at our contact addresses to get information on topics such as strobe light prices or to submit your order requests.