Drug Testers

ARMAS stands out in the sector with Drug Measurement Systems, which has a wide range of uses. The ability to pre-detection 9 types of drug use tests on a single oral fluid sample at the same time is one of the most prominent features of this product.

These versatile devices are frequently used in workplaces, hospitals, police checkpoints and roadside traffic inspections. These hand-held, easy-to-use and fast-resulting systems make it easier to detect and control drug use.

In workplaces, drug measurement systems provide rapid screening and detection in hospitals, while protecting the safety and performance of employees. At police checks and roadside traffic checks, it helps to quickly and effectively determine if drivers are using drugs.

As ARMAS, we offer our drug detection and measurement systems worldwide. These products are constantly being improved and developed to best respond to users' needs and increase the overall safety of society.

All of our drug metering systems focus on high quality standards, user-friendly designs and fast, reliable results. ARMAS is proud to present these important tools aimed at supporting the society's fight against drug use.