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As ARMAS Elektronik, our aim is to ensure our continuity as a leading company in the sector by offering quality and technological products and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by gaining a steadyfast place in the international market. We are aware of the fact that the most important factor in achieving these goals is to have employees who are experts in their fields, who want to improve themselves and who are happy. For this reason, we are trying to increase the living standards by considering the expectations of the employees in our company , providing extremely modern and high-standard working environments.

As a company with a human-oriented management approach, we select our employees from among those who will contribute to the achievement of company goals, increase company efficiency by serving company values, corporate culture and strategic goals of the company.

Using the right talent in the right place is always one of the most important factors for us. For this reason, our candidates' competence, development potential and high motivation have an important place in our recruitment process.

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