Drug Sample Kits

Drug Sample Kits

ARMAS'sUTK Drug Test Kit provides the opportunity to detect simultaneous use of 9 types of drugs (standard 7), with a single oral fluid sample. Depending on the demand, the number of items to be tested and the threshold values of the items can be changed.

UTK Test kit is specially designed for safe and reliable measurement. The optional RFID ID tag includes the types of substances to be tested in the kit, the values of these substances, whether the kit has been used before, and information such as lot and serial numbers. Thanks to this tag, the UTK meter automatically recognizes the kit, avoids user errors and executes operations according to the relevant information.

UTK Detection kit also has alternatives for rapid oral fluid collection. This kit is disposable and in some models the oral fluid collection pad is integrated into the kit, while in some models the oral fluid collection pad is in the form of a separate unit and is used with the dripping unit.

Oral fluid collection can be done with the pad on the kit or with an external unit. In the use of the outdoor unit, sample mouth fluid is collected by the collection pad, and the color-changing area on the pad indicates that sufficient sample has been collected. This sample is then transferred to a dropper and dripped from the dropper into the relevant areas of the UTK kit.

ARMAS's UTK Drug Test Kit provides safe and effective drug detection. The kit's precision measuring capability and user-friendly features serve all types of users.