e-SRN/E Wired/Wireless Siren Announce Device

General Specifications

The e-SRN Wired Announce Device, in which emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance and fire brigade emit siren sound, make announcements and light warning system controls, is an innovative siren system that emerged on the idea of combining many features.

With the keypad on the remote, it is possible to control the sound and light warning with the announcement broadcast. On the sun-readable color TFT screen, the flash mode simulation of the light warning system is performed and the errors in the lightbar are visually displayed on the screen. Many features can be adjusted and selected in some functions from the control menu, which displays the status of the siren being sounded, day-night mode position, and sound level on the screen.

Sounds of the siren device can also be uploaded to the device through a setting program, and the device can be modified  for the siren frequencies of the country or sector in which it will operate.

Simulation on Colorful Screen

Many operating functions are visually simulated on the e-SRN/E model siren device screen, and the user is informed of the error conditions with the error type and location.

AUX Option and Announcement Feature

Audio warning from an external source (such as radio, recording device) is transferred to the system with the AUX input, and the incoming warning can be announced to the outside via external speakers.

In addition, thanks to the push-to-talk button and microphone on the remote, high-quality voice announcements can be made to the outside environment, and the volume can be adjusted when desired.

Programmable Controller

With the optional AWS-Set Setting software, features such as how the controller will work, only the siren system, light warning control, siren sounds of which countries, night and day mode of the siren can be loaded onto the devices and many functions can be adjusted.

General Features

  • Siren sound button, making an announcement, audio warning from an external source is transferred to the system with the AUX input, light warning system control
  • Backlit and durable silicone keypad for use in the dark
  • PA feature on PTT button and sound volume adjustment
  • Sun readable transreflective color TFT display
  • AUX input, Speaker output, Light warning output
  • Siren horn sound through klaxon button
  • One-button operation of all functions with SOS mode
  • Control unit holder
  • PU durable spiral control cable
Technical Details
  • 12VDC-24VDC operating voltage
  • 00/150/200 Watt output power
  • High voltage, low voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • Standard 7 kinds of siren sound; Slow, Fast, Phaser, Manual, Horn, SOS (Mixed) (other worldwide siren sounds can be uploaded to the remote with the AWS-Set program)


  • ECE R10, SAE J 1849

Products Used Together

  • INFINITY-L Lightbar
  • INFINITY-S Lightbar
  • INFINITY-LS Lightbar
  • INFINITY-M Lightbar
  • HP-1810S Speaker
  • HP-1110 Speaker
  • HP-2010 Speaker
  • AWS-Set Setting Software