EXPERT–100 Siren Announce Device

General Specifications

EXPERT-100 Siren-Announce device is a universal device that provides emergency vehicles siren, announcement and light warning control features and has a hand-held control unit that can be used with a spiral cable.

The siren device can play many siren sounds, but it can also select and broadcast the inactive siren sound by coding it over its remote.

The silicone keypad of the remote, which simulates the light warning with the LEDs on the remote, is backlit for use in the dark.

AUX Option and Announcement Feature

Audio warning from an external source (such as radio, radio recorder…) is transferred to the system with the AUX input and the incoming warning can be announced to the outside via an external speaker.

In addition, thanks to the push-to-talk button and microphone on the remote, high-quality voice announcements can be made to the outside environment, and the volume can be adjusted when desired.

General Features

  • Siren sound button, making an announcement, audio warning from an external source is transferred to the system with the AUX input, light warning system control
  • Backlit and durable silicone keypad for use in the dark
  • PA feature on PTT button and sound volume adjustment
  • AUX input, Speaker output, Light warning output (3)
  • Siren horn sound through klaxon button
  • Control unit holder
  • PU durable spiral control cable
Technical Details
  • 12VDC-24VDC operating voltage
  • 100/150/200 Watt output power
  • High voltage, low voltage and reverse polarity protection
  • Standard 7 types of siren sounds: Slow, Fast, Horn, Phaser/Ambulance Hi-Lo/Fire Brigade Hi-Lo, Manual
  • 22 extra siren sounds that the user can program with the Button Configuration: Slow-2, Fast-2, Crack, Quack-Quech, France Police, France Fire Department, France Ambulance, Germany City, Germany Rural, Switzerland City, Switzerland Countryside, Austria Police, Austria Ambulance , Austrian Fire Brigade, Italy Police, Italy Ambulance and Fire Brigade, Netherlands General, England General, Belgium General, Sweden General, Bercelona General


  • ECE R10, SAE J 1849

Products Used Together

  • ARMAS Brand Lightbars (except INFINITY series)
  • Mini Warning Lights
  • Beacons
  • Speakers