EXPERT-WM Motorcycle Wireless Siren and Announce System

General Specifications

EXPERT-WM, which is a wireless and wired controllable siren system specially designed for emergency motorcycles, can make announcements without raising their hands, as well as control optionally connected light warning systems. In addition, with the wireless VIVO controller that can be mounted on the driver and can work in connection with the microphone headset, all functions of the system can be controlled while using the engine or when leaving the engine.

In the system, the user can make announcements to the outside environment from the motorcycle speakers with the in-helmet microphone headset, and can listen to the broadcasts coming from the radio through the headset or transfer them to the outside environment through the speakers and make announcements to the radio after connecting to the radio. The user, leaving the engine, can operate all functions and transmit wireless audio with the wireless unit attached to it.

Easy Control

With the handlebar control specially designed to eliminate the risks of accident and the wireless control unit mounted on the user, it is possible to control the system without taking your hands off the handlebars while using the engine or after leaving the engine.

Radio Usage

With the optional radio connection kit, the connection between the radio and the system allows you to talk and listen to the radio via the handlebar control or the wireless control on the user, without touching the radio, without removing your hand from the handlebar. The broadcast from the radio can be listened, transferred to the outside with motorcycle speakers, sent to the radio.

Wireless System Controller - WRCS-M(VIVO)

With the VIVO control, which is offered as an option to the motorcycle siren system and allows you to control all warning functions wirelessly, the volume can be adjusted, an announcement can be made from the speaker with wireless sound transfer to the speaker, an announcement can be made to the radio with a radio connection and the broadcasts can be listened to the radio with headphones. In addition to these features, the siren can be sounded, the microphone and radio can be heard to make announcements and talk over the radio, and the optional illuminated warning system can be controlled.

General Specifications

  • System control can be done with one handlebar and the other wireless control
  • Siren sound button, speaker announcement, radio announcement, radio listening and light warning control opportunity
  • External siren control
  • Connection to radio
  • Making announcements and listening to the radio with the microphone headset
  • Communication with different model radios with radio connection apparatus
  • Possibility to use the system without leaving hands
  • Possibility to control the system even after getting off the motorcycle
  • Handle-free handlebar control
  • Handlebar controller waterproof silicone cover
Technical Details
  • 12VDC voltage
  • 80 WRMS siren output power
  • Low voltage warning LED and protection
  • 6 kinds of standard siren sounds that can be controlled via the handlebar control; Slow, Fast, Phaser, Horn, Manual, Horn ( Contact for other sounds)
  • Standard 3 kinds of siren sound controlled via wireless VIVO controller; Slow, Fast, Phaser


  • ECER10 with appropriate configurations

Complementary Parts

  • HP-1006 Motorcycle Speaker
  • Pulse-T Telescopic Pole Light
  • MiniBLINK Front Motorcycle Warning Light
  • MaxiBLINK Rear Motorcycle Warning Light