INFINITY-S lightbar

General Specifications

Designed with a new perspective, the technological INFINITY-S which offers all the functions required by the market  is a length-adjustable vehicle-mounted lightbar with a two-story light source.

  • 360 degree visual warning
  • Traffic cleaning
  • Traffic advisor
  • Front,rear and cross projectors
  • Alley lights
  • Lens design with patent

Infinity S Tepe Lambası

Visual Warning and Area Lighting

INFINITY-S, which has two rows of light sources, has a white illumination LED in the lower row, and a red, blue, amber, green and white warning in the upper row. Although the lower part projectors illuminate, they provide the traffic cleaning function by flashing when necessary.

It can deliver highly effective area illumination with its LEDs, which can provide both sectional and 360-degree lighting, placed on the lower floor, front, rear, alley light and cross corners.

Lens with patent

Featuring patented lens, INFINITY-S Lightbar enables warning lights spread in a wide angle, increasing the perception of warning light, enabling emergency teams to go to the scene safely and quickly.

Automatic Light Intensity Control

The INFINITY-S Lightbar features an optional night sensor. With the help of this sensor, it increases the light intensity during the day, making it easier to be understood from far distances. At night, by reducing the light intensity, it both consumes less energy and prevents the drivers from being distracted in the traffic. It is also possible to adjust the light intensity level manually.

Functionality and Customization

INFINITY-S can be utilized functionally according to many titles, some of its functions can be adjusted via the control whilst some of them via the AWS-Set software. It also fits for a variety of applications such as flash mode that can be adjusted infinitely for these titles, determination of the working mode when first turned on, traffic advisor, traffic cleaning, sectional illumination , alleys lighting functions, warning LEDs conversion to area lighting function when necessary, prohibition of light color to be broadcast, wireless communication power setting , day and night light intensity adjustment level, lighting support for alleys lighting, master-slave control setting options, full visibility of the operation simulation on the screen, selection of multiple synchronous control by matching the remote control, and option selection for communication with the vehicle via canBUS are at the forefront.

Wired-wireless Control and System Control

From the wired and wireless remote control, warning  functions can be controlled .User information and operation simulation are shown on the color TFT screen that can be read in the sun.

With the presentation of the simulation in the remote, many information such as flash pattern, flash color, day and night modes, error notifications are reported to the user on the screen and any functions can be adjusted via the remote.

The remote is user-friendly with its many features such as using multiple synchronous controls by pairing several remote controls, automatic switching from wired to wireless without loss of function when going out of the vehicle, and adjusting many functions from the menu.

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Wired Use

İnfinity L Tepe Lambası

Wireless Usage

İnfinity L Tepe Lambası

Multiple Synchronous Use

In addition to the hand-held remote, all warning functions can be performed with the vehicle-mounted type control.

Genel Özellikler

  • Warning,Traffic cleaning,Traffic Advisor,Cruise light mode
  • Left-right alley lights, front, rear, and cross projectors with the light source in the lower row
  • Sectional or whole area illumination
  • Superior light intensity and radiation with its patented lens
  • Intelligent warning LED modüle technology that can report errors
  • Manual and automatically adjustable light and sound settings
  • Function setting ability with specially developed AWS-SET software
  • Usage functions that can be adjusted on the remote
  • Wired,wireless  and multi-controller use
  • Number of LEDs and size options according to usage
Technical Details
  • 12-24VDC operating voltage
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic chamber
  • Aluminum body
  • -40°C/+70°C


  • ECER65, ECER10, SAE, EMC, IP65 IP65 with appropriate configurations

Color Options

  • Red, blue, amber, green and white warning lights
  • White colored area illumination lights
  • Red, blue, amber, green, white light band
  • Red, blue, amber, green and clear plastic containers and their color combinations
  • Amber colored traffic advisor

Mounting Specifications

  • Mounting without drilling the vehicle with clamp mounts
  • Screw mounting on the vehicle
  • Stainless or painted mounting parts
  • Detachable structure with ceiling connector

Size Options 

  • Length: 93 cm / 104cm / 116 cm / 127 cm / 139 cm (Ask for different size options)
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Height: 6,9 cm
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