LİNEAR-C Cob Led Warning Lights

General Specifications

Designed for outdoor use, resistant to water and harsh environmental conditions, LINEAR-C uses high-performance COB LED technology and increases the effect of light intensity with lenses specially designed for LEDs.

The length and number of LEDs used in the LINEAR-C warning lamp, which is used on the outer edges of the vehicle shutter area, armored vehicle edges, military vehicles, law enforcement forces, and emergency vehicles serving in harsh conditions in outdoor environments, varies according to the purpose of use and the place where it will be mounted.

General Features

  • High-impact COB LED technology warning lights
  • Lenses that increase the light intensity
  • Possibility of using several warning lamps together with the external control circuit
  • Variety of interchangeable flash modes
  • Manual light intensity reduction feature
  • Variable size options
  • Single or multiple color warning color options
  • Aluminum body
Technical Details
  • 2-24VDC operating voltage
  • 9W COB LEDs (Contact for alternatives)
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and more COB LEDs
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material
  • -40°C/+70°C

Color Options

  • Red, blue, amber, green and white LED color options
  • Black aluminum body

Tamamlayıcı Parçalar

  • External LED Control Unit
  • REM-02…REM-06 Control units


  • Length: (Depends on the number of LEDs)
  • Width: 3,7 cm
  • Height: 3,8 cm