NAM-19E Alcoholmeter

General Specifications

NAM-19E Alcoholmeter uses a new generation electrochemical fuel cell measurement technology and offers a reliable method for distance measurement without the need for contact while testing. NAM-19E Alcoholmeter, which is designed for use in places where fast and serial measurement is required such as individuals, workplaces, restaurants and bars, hotels, sports field entrances, mine entrances, provides high accuracy measurement and is used for preliminary detection.

General Specifications

Non-contact Quick Measuring Mouthpiece

The NAM-19E Breathalyzer uses the passive mouthpiece cup for rapid measurement, reducing measurement costs with the measuring cup that is not changed with each measurement with speed. With its short measurement time and fast response, it is ideal for serial measurements in succession. If desired, contact measurement can also be made with a disposable normal mouthpiece.

Nam 19E Alkolmetre
Nam 19E Alkolmetre

Easy Operation and Measurement Modes

The NAM-19E Alcoholmeter performs the entire measurement process with a single button, and in addition, 2 menu navigation keys are offered.

The device has automatic, manual and passive measurement modes. In automatic measurement, the subject blows very close to the sampling vessel and the device automatically takes the sample. In the manual mode feature, while remote blowing into the sampling vessel, the tester takes a sample by pressing a button. In passive mode measurement, ambient alcohol can be used in applications such as detecting whether there is alcohol in beverages, and it can be easily used with the feature of smelling the environment by pressing a single button without the need for blowing.

Displaying Result

The NAM-19E Alcoholmeter, designed for serial use in successive measurements, does not show a value as a result, but provides the determination of whether there is alcohol or not. After defining alcohol limit levels as a result of alcohol, it shows results as “Alcohol Available”, “No Alcohol” and “Critical Level”. The critical alcohol level can be adjusted according to customer demand. If the person is to be treated after the measurement, it is absolutely necessary to determine the exact alcohol value with a second measurement to be made with ARMAS Evidence Class Alcoholmeters and ensure that it is recorded as evidence.

Nam 19E Alkolmetre
Nam 19E Alkolmetre
Nam 19E Alkolmetre
Technical Details


Next Generation Electrochemical Fuel Cell with High Precision


Passive Cup 

Disposable Mounthpiece (Optional)

Measurement Mode

Auto / Manual / Passive / Measurement Refusal

Measurement Range

0.00 – 6.00‰ (promille) BAC range

Preparation Time

After the device is turned on: up to 5 seconds

Displaying Result

“Alcohol” , “No Alcohol” , “Critical Level”

Result Displaying Time

In the presence of alcohol, at most 15 seconds after sampling, Immediately in the absence of alcohol

Alcohol Alert Level

Adjustable alcohol level

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Minimum Volume

min. 1.2L (changeable)

Blowing Time

up to 6 sec.

Automatic Shutdown Time


Energy Conservation Mode



Colorful TFT Screen


About 100,000


Dry Gas and / or Vapor


Alkaline Battery (Optional Li-ion or Ni-Mh battery)

Protection Case

Silicone (optional)

Language Options

Turkish, English, Spanish, Russian, Croatian (contact for other languages)

Data Transfer/Archive

With NAM-DATAPro software and PC connection cable (optional)


EN60068-2-6 vibration

EN60068-2-27 shock

CE Certificate

Carrying Case