SPARK-MS Lightbar with Illuminated Sign

General Specifications

SPARK-MS, which does not have a speaker on it, but has a written visual message in the form of logo, promotion and information, and has the ideal design and functionality to meet the requirements in the form of a warning light bar, uses LED technology to perform the functions of light warning, alley lighting and front-rear projector, It is an ideal beacon  for on-vehicle use, which can be produced in different lengths, in different colors and with different number of LEDs and offers a visual message written on it.

Broadcasted messages can be optionally illuminated from the inside for night use and placed in the middle of the front and/or rear surface of the lightbar.

With its warning lights, front-rear area lighting and alley lights projector lights, it can fulfill all the functions found in any lightbar. SPARK-MS Beacon with Message Text has a solid structure resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions with its aluminum base as well as UV resistant polycarbonate plastic chambers.

Warning Lights and Area Lighting

Red, blue, amber, green and white warning LEDs used together with a specially designed lens configuration can give warnings with many flash options. It has cruise mode (cruise light) feature, which can flash warning LEDs and can also be lit while cruising.

With the edge structure in the design form, both the screw details of the mounting feet can be hidden and the left-right street lighting and front-rear area lighting LEDs can be positioned by positioning the lighting LEDs in the bottom row on the sides without reducing the number of warning LEDs. The LEDs at the bottom can flash in the traffic clearing function, except for lighting.

Automatic Light Intensity Adjustment

Thanks to the optional night sensor it contains, the SPARK-ML Lightbar increases the light intensity when the daylight is intense, making it easier to be detected from far distances and maintains its functionality. At night, by reducing the light intensity, it consumes less energy and prevents the drivers from being distracted in the traffic. It is also possible to adjust the light intensity level manually.

General Specifications

  • Backlit message, logo etc. display opportunity
  • Flash mode switching feature
  • Warning, Traffic Clearing, Cruise light modes
  • Area lighting with left-right alley light and front-rear projector options
  • Automatic light intensity adjustment or manual light intensity adjustment options with optional day/night sensor
  • Ability to turn off rear warnings
  • Ability to perform maintenance-repair without removing it from the vehicle roof
  • Number of LEDs, color and size options according to usage
Technical Details
  • 12-24VDC operating voltage
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic chamber
  • Aluminum body
  • -40°C/+70°C


  • ECER65, ECER10, SAE, EMC, IP65 with appropriate configurations

Color Options

  • Red, blue, amber, green and white warning lights
  • White color front-rear projectors and street lights
  • Red, blue, amber, green and clear plastic containers and their color combinations

Mounting Features

  • Mounting without drilling the vehicle with clamp mounts
  • Screw mounting on the vehicle
  • Stainless or painted mounting parts
  • Detachable structure with ceiling connector

Size Options

  • Length: 86cm / 97cm / 109cm / 121cm / 132cm / 145cm / 167cm (Contact for different length options)
  • Width: 37.5 cm
  • Height: 8.5 cm
  • Corner Height: 10.4 cm

Spark MS R2