UTC Drug Tester

General Specifications
The Drug Detection device (UTC), used in conjunction with the Drug Test kit (UTK), is a handheld battery-powered mobile device. The UTC device is a high-tech device that interprets and evaluates the responses of the UTK kit to the saliva sample by optical method.

Drug Test System

ARMAS supplies drug testing rapid screening equipment worldwide for use in areas such as police controls, roadside traffic controls, workplaces and hospital controls. These devices allow the detection of people who use addictive drugs with a sample taken from oral fluid. With the ARMAS Drug Test System, the use of many substances determined by lawmakers within the scope of prohibited drugs can be detected.

Drug Test System, sample collection unit where human oral fluid (saliva) sample is taken, UTK test kit where substance analysis is carried out, UTC test device where the analysis is interpreted and evaluated optically and recorded with various data, data is transferred with a portable printer where the results are converted into reports It consists of auxiliary equipment such as transfer software.

The measurement technique applied is for preliminary determination and needs confirmation before sanctions to be applied to positive results.

UTC Uyuşturucu Test Cihazı
UTC Uyuşturucu Test Cihazı

Easy Data Entry and Data Archiving

The measured and measured person information entered with the keypad on the UTC Device is saved in the device memory. The data saved in the memory can be scanned later, displayed on the screen and the measurement result or the data in the memory can be reported with the optional portable printer. In addition, the data in the memory can be transferred to the computer with the UTC-DATAPro software.

Safe and Reliable Measurement

Measurement safety in shocks and vibrations is ensured by locking the UTK kit to the UTC device. Analysis will not start until the kit is fully locked to the instrument. In addition, thanks to the RFID communication between the UTK test kit and the UTC Tester, UTC learns and measures information such as whether the UTK kit to be analyzed has been used before, the substance types to be controlled and threshold values. If the user-independent UTK kit has expired or has been used before, it does not measure. Thus, safe and reliable measurement is ensured.

Accurate, reliable and sensitive results are obtained thanks to the optical and electronic analysis of the UTC Tester, which is designed with high technology, with the sensitive adjustable threshold values of the UTK Kit according to the demand formed in line with the purpose of use.

Technical Details
  • Precise, safe, fast evaluation thanks to automatic optical analysis
  • Showing results in maximum 8 minutes
  • Easy data entry with the keypad that can be used day and night
  • Recording of many data such as driver's name-surname, identification number, employee identification number, registration number, name-surname, team number
  • Transfer of recorded data to computer via user-friendly UTC-DATAPro software
  • Receiving report from portable thermal printer via Bluetooth 
  • Recognition of UTK kit with optional RFID identification, elimination of invalid or expired kits
  • Ability to record those who do not accept the measurement with the measurement REFUSE feature
  • Sun-readable high resolution color TFT Display
  • Rechargeable powerful li-ion battery
  • Low power consumption and approximately 500 measurements on a single charge
  • Real-time measurement recording with internal date-time hardware and battery
  • Possibility to record between 7.500 and 75.000 measurements depending on the data
  • Ability to charge in office and vehicle environments with 220V AC and 12V DC charging kits
  • Safe use in shocks and impacts with the kit locking feature
  • Trouble-free operation in harsh environmental conditions
  • CE certificate (EMC and LVD compliance)