VOLTRON Lightbar with Digital Message Panel

General Specifications

VOLTRON, which is a lightbar  with a digital message panel that combines an emergency  visual warning system and a visual message panel, is a high-speed warning system that can be opened upright at 90 degrees and can display one-way and two-way messages, and is hidden inside the lightbar when it is closed.

In the message part of the system, text and signs can be displayed, the text direction can be reversed (mirror), traffic advisor lights can work in the message part, animations such as flashing messages or scrolling messages can be created, single and two lines of text can be displayed.

A vehicle speed control system can be added to the VOLTRON lightbar that allows the optional message panel to be opened and closed according to the speed of the vehicle and it has mechanical strength that can be opened and closed easily at high speeds, as well.

Displaying Text and Signs

In order for the vehicle in front to be able to read the message display from the vehicle behind the rear view mirror correctly, the text is reversed (mirror), text flashing, scrolling, two-line writing, single-line writing, sign displaying, text and sign displaying features are also available.

In the panel section, not only previously recorded message can be displayedbut also in the memory of the remote control the unrecorded message can be displayed by typing it with the alphanumeric keys on the remote, as well. Batch messages can be written and sent to the control memory on the computer, or they can be written and loaded from the control.

Voltron Dijital Mesaj Panelli Tepe Lambası
Voltron Dijital Mesaj Panelli Tepe Lambası

Visual Warning and Area Lighting

In the visual warning part of the system, red, blue, amber, green and white warning LEDs, which are used together with a specially designed lens structure can give warnings with many flash options. It has cruise mode (cruise light) whose warning LEDs can flash as well as can be fixed while cruising. All needs are provided by incorporating warning, traffic advisor and traffic cleaning features.

In addition to the visual warning LEDs, left-right alley lights and front-rear area lighting LEDs are optionally available..

Easy Remote Control

The system has a user-friendly control, in which the text of the message is written, the operation of the system is checked, the system settings are arranged from the menu and the operation of the system is visually simulated to the user on the LCD screen.

Automatic Light Intensity Control

The VOLTRON Lightbar features an optional night sensor. With the help of this sensor, it increases the light intensity during the day, thus making it easier to be understood from far distances. At night, by reducing the light intensity, it both consumes less energy and prevents the drivers from being distracted in the traffic. It is also possible to adjust the light intensity level manually.

Voltron Dijital Mesaj Panelli Tepe Lambası

Anti-Moisture Units

Voltron Dijital Mesaj Panelli Tepe Lambası

Anti-Vibration Shock Absorbers

Voltron Dijital Mesaj Panelli Tepe Lambası

Mechanical Strength for Opening and Closing at High Speeds

Digital Massage Panel Features

  • Two-way or one-way use option
  • Ability of reading from distance and in foggy weather with narrow-angle and high-intensity SMD LEDs
  • Automatic closing feature of the digital message panel according to the set vehicle speed
  • The panel can be closed in wind up to 150 km speed and it is durable to use when it is open at 180 km speed
  • Message LEDs contrast feature
  • Possibility to select message broadcasting features from the control unit
  • Ability to see the message text and lightbarwarning lights simulation on the control screen
  • Message animation facility from the control unit
  • Audible warning when opening the panel
  • Alternative use such as message scrolling, flashing, broadcasting text and markers
  • Mirroring the digital message panel so that it can be read properly from the rear view mirror
  • Easy use of panel and lightbar part with LCD display control unit
  • The feature of not forming moisture inside the panel thanks to the breathing waterproof units
  • Environmentally resistant, waterproof detachable panel
  • Two-sided shock absorbers that create balance and prevent vibrations when the panel is opened

Lightbar Specifications 

  • Ability of turning off the rear warning leds
  • Possibility of communication between different systems with RS232 communication protocol
  • Voltage regulation and current control circuit on LED modules
  • Light intensity enhanced by specially designed lenses
  • Take down and traffic cleaning
  • Front-rear area lighting LEDs and left-right alley lights
  • Traffic  advisor feature
  • Automatic contrast feature of night sensor and warning LEDs in the dark
Technical Details
  • 12-24VDC operating voltage
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic warning chambers and panel covers
  • Environmentally resistant body
  • Aluminum panel body
  • -40°C/+70°C


  • ECER65, ECER10, SAE, EMC, IP65 with appropriate configurations

Color Options

  • Red message LEDs and traffic advisor amber LEDs as standard on the message panel (contact for other color options)
  • Red, blue, amber, green and white led options that can be placed according to the user's request in the warning system
  • Pieces of red, blue, amber and colorless transparent plastic and their color combinations

Size Options

  • Length : 116 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height:
     8,2 cm
    Digital Massage Panel: 32,5 cm
    Total Height (Message Panel Open): 40,7 cm

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