FLARE-M Mini Lightbar

General Specifications

With its monoblock aluminum body, FLARE-M is resistant to high impacts and speeds while it is durable enough to be used for years in extreme environmental conditions with its UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic container.

Visual Warning Feature

With the LED light sources placed together with the specially designed lens structure, it can give a visual warning in various flash modes and 360 degrees uninterrupted warning.

Automatic Light Intensity Control

Thanks to the optional sensor in FLARE-M Lightbar, the light intensity can be reduced automatically in the dark.

General Specifications

  • Long service life with UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material
  • Color and number of LEDs options
  • Size options according to the purpose of use and vehicle structure
  • Automatic light intensity adjustment with optional day/night sensor
  • Flash mode switching feature
  • High strength with slim design and monoblock aluminum body
Technical Details
  • 12-24VDC operating voltage
  • UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic chamber
  • Aluminum body
  • -40°C/+70°C


  • ECER65, ECER10, EMC, IP65 with appropriate configurations

Color Options

  • Red, blue, amber, green and white LED color options
  • Red, blue, amber, green and clear plastic container color options

Mounting Specifications

  • Detachable structure with ceiling connector
  • Optional magnetic portable use
  • Stainless or painted mounting parts
  • Screw mounting on the vehicle

Size Options

  • Length: 35cm/ 51cm / 61cm / 81cm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Height : 5,5 cm
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