Mini Lightbars

ARMAS's Mini Beacons stand out with their compact dimensions and advanced features. Specially designed for use in narrow spaces and smaller vehicles, these lamps provide high visual warning performance. Monoblock aluminum body and UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material ensure that these lamps are resistant to high impacts and speeds and can be used for many years even in harsh environmental conditions.

ARMAS's Mini Beacon can give light warning in various flash modes with its specially designed lens structure and placed LED light sources. Thanks to the ability to broadcast 360-degree continuous warnings, these lamps provide a visible and effective visual warning from all angles. With the optional sensor, the light intensity is automatically reduced in the dark, saving energy and providing a user-friendly experience.

ARMAS's Mini Beacon Lamps adapt to the needs of the users and the features of their vehicles with different size, color and LED number options. UV and impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material, which guarantees long life and durability, makes these lamps a reliable and long-lasting solution. These lamps, which can be selected according to the purpose of use and vehicle structure, provide reliable performance in all situations that require visual warning.